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esimba.ai provides fintech firms with a complete eSIM solution for global connectivity and a competitive edge. Integrating esimba.ai enables fintechs to offer eSIM ancillary services, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty, fostering innovation, and facilitating global expansion in a competitive market.

Among our portfolio of partners and networks:

Among our portfolio of partners and networks:


Cellular networks


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Engage fintech clients with premium global data, localization, multiple payment options, various currencies, and 24/7 support

Differentiation in a crowded market

esimba.ai's eSIM platform provides a unique service that meets customer needs, sets your brand apart from the competition, and fosters innovation while ensuring customer satisfaction.

Simplify expansion hurdles

esimba.ai's eSIM technology connects your customers to over 500 networks in more than 150 countries, simplifying international expansion and offering unparalleled global access for your fintech.

Data security and privacy

Protecting customer data is vital in fintech. Enhance your fintech solutions with esimba.ai's secure eSIM services, compliant with GDPR and the California Privacy Act, ensuring robust data protection and fostering client trust.

Seamless technology integration

esimba.ai offers a ready-to-go solution that ensures easy integration. You can choose between partnership models, designed to be scalable and flexible, helping you navigate technical challenges and enhance your services.

Increase customer/passengers
retention rate.

Elevate your brand positioning

Drive customer acquisition

Elevating fintech with easy eSIM access

Integrating eSIM technology into fintech enhances user experience and efficiency, with over 60% of smartphones eSIM-ready by 2025, benefiting the sector greatly. eSIMs offer easy mobile connectivity, better security, and reliable service, crucial for fintech's real-time transactions, digital banking, and international travel.

Fintech adoption of eSIMs can improve flexibility, scalability, and customer focus, tapping into a market set to grow by over 40% in three years. This move advances fintech innovation, expanding global reach and customer base

Your customers receive the same

high-quality eSIM connectivity as our own

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Touchpoints integration

Delight your customers with premium, high quality eSIM offerings at strategic touchpoints within your customer journey.


eSIM search on the Web Storefront

Customers can then visit your fully branded web storefront powered by esimba.ai, where they can select from our extensive range of eSIM options to meet their specific needs and preferences.


eSIM purchase on the Accounts platform

Subsequently, customers can purchase their preferred eSIMs on their dedicated accounts platform.


eSIM Data Control

eSIM refills and data control can be effortlessly managed through the fully branded customer management system provided by esimba.ai.