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How works

We use AI, localization and big data to offer optimal eSIM for your customers and employees


Touchpoints integration

Enhance connectivity by integrating data sources to offer tailored eSIM solutions for diverse workflows.



Customers buy eSIMs together with your core products and services. Employees choose the right eSIM along with other travel services.


Earn and save

Increase ancillary revenue by selling eSIM. Realise savings from roaming services for your employees

Maximize your eSIM-selling potential and savings with

Stress-free, risk-free solution empowers you to generate revenue and save on roaming without the complexities of telecom. We handle all the heavy lifting and manage every aspect of eSIM business, freeing you to focus on your core products.


Reliable cellular
networks and partners


customer service


countries covered

What offers:


We set up and manage everything: providing quality eSIM data in 150+ countries, offering competitive pricing, and ensuring excellent customer support.

Consumer platform

Present eSIM options to your customers via a user-friendly web storefront and an eSIM platform customized to align with your brand's identity or as an independent brand.

Run on autopilot

Rely on a dedicated brand manager, who will stay in constant communication and ensure uninterrupted service for your customers.

Ancillary revenue

Boost your revenue streams effortlessly by integrating into your user journey.

See how different industries use

With, you can sell connectivity solutions alongside your business' services. The best part? Seamlessly integrate eSIM at any point in your customer journey!


With, airlines can offer advanced connectivity as an ancillary service, delighting passengers with premium eSIM offerings and immediate connectivity services upon landing, eliminating the need for physical SIM cards or public Wi-Fi.

Our ready-to-go solution enables airlines to generate additional revenue per passenger without the hassle of managing telecom operations.


Over 73% of travelers prioritize mobile connectivity abroad

Travel Companies simplifies travel agencies' operations by providing reliable eSIMs that prioritize customer privacy and security, allowing seamless connectivity for travelers across 150+ countries.

Stand out from competitors and unlock ancillary revenue streams by offering our innovative eSIM solutions to your customers, while we handle the complexities of eSIM management.


Over 60% of travelers are ready to ditch old roaming for eSIMs

MICE Tourism
(Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, & Exhibitions)

Experience seamless connectivity at events with's eSIM solutions. Customize offerings to enhance guest experiences and streamline compliance and connectivity with our secure solutions.

By providing our Connectivity as a Service solution, MICE Tourism companies can unlock ancillary revenue streams while we handle the complexities of eSIM management.

Deliver convenience, flexibility, cost savings, and security offered by eSIM in 150+ countries.

Travel-related businesses

Travel-related businesses can enhance customer satisfaction and connectivity solutions by integrating eSIMba into their services. Customers can effortlessly search for and purchase destination-specific eSIMs, offering seamless connectivity during their journeys.

With access to quality eSIM data in 150+ countries, such businesses can elevate their offerings, providing a valuable and convenient connectivity solution for their customers, ultimately fostering loyalty and positive travel experiences.

Expand and diversify your revenue streams without upfront investment

Crypto Companies integrates crypto and eSIM technologies to enhance user experiences and operational efficiency, offering eSIMs featuring Privacy IP to increase revenue and prioritize customer privacy.

Benefit from effortless connectivity across 150+ countries, ensuring uninterrupted communication and access to essential crypto tools.

Boost your Crypto business' revenue by integrating into your platforms


Stand out with's eSIM platform, meeting customer needs and driving innovation. Simplify global expansion with our technology, connecting customers to networks in over 150 countries. Ensure data security and privacy with our solutions, while seamlessly integrating technology with our ready-to-go platform.


Provide a safe and secure eSIM solution for your clientele

Insurance Providers

Integrating into operations offers insurance companies significant advantages, providing seamless communication for policyholders during emergencies or travel.

This integration fosters greater trust and loyalty towards the insurance provider, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Additionally, by offering's innovative eSIM solutions, insurance companies can unlock ancillary revenue streams while we handle the complexities of eSIM management.

Let your customers experience heightened security and convenience provided by eSIM

Telecom-Linked Businesses
& other telecom-related businesses

With eSIMba, your business can streamline customer activation processes, eliminating the need for physical SIM cards and reducing logistics costs. The international reach of eSIMba enables telecom businesses to effortlessly provide seamless mobile connectivity for customers traveling abroad, expanding their service offerings.

The flexibility and innovation brought by eSIMba also allow these businesses to enhance their competitiveness, attract new customers, and stay at the forefront of the evolving telecommunications landscape with digitally-driven services.

Elevate your business revenue by seamlessly incorporating eSIMba into your customer journey

Telecom Companies

Our dependable eSIMs empower customers to seamlessly switch networks across 150+ countries, elevating their overall satisfaction. With secure authentication and encryption, prioritizes customer privacy and security.

Discover partnership options customized to fit your business requirements and boost your business revenue by offering's innovative eSIM solutions to your customers.

Revolutionize your business offerings with the integration of convenient eSIMs.


Unlock the potential of MNOs and MVNOs with, your trusted connectivity partner leveraging eSIM solutions.

Optimize revenue with fair rates for international eSIM plans and prioritize customer satisfaction with 24/7 support. Let handle the complexities, allowing MVNOs to focus on core products while ensuring seamless multi-IMSI management for optimal connectivity.

We offer MNOs and MVNOs a comprehensive solution that combines global reach, innovation, and customer-centric services.


Discover the power of our enterprise eSIM proposition for partners. Gain flexibility, security, and cost-efficiency to thrive in a connected world.

Seamlessly manage your telecom operations, stay connected in real-time, and enhance control and security measures. Effortlessly integrate our solutions to experience optimized efficiency and performance.

Empower your workforce, ensuring global connectivity in a single tap

Flight booking platforms

Revolutionize your services by integrating eSIM into your offerings. With eSIMba's Touchpoint Integration, users can seamlessly search for and purchase eSIMs based on their travel destinations directly through the platform. This streamlined process enhances the overall travel experience, providing customers with hassle-free access to quality eSIM data in 150+ countries.

By leveraging eSIMba's zero-cost solution and flexible branding, the flight booking platforms can not only enrich connectivity services but also open up new revenue streams effortlessly.


Enjoy seamless, premium internet connectivity in 150+ countries

Travel aggregators

Through eSIMba's seamless Touchpoint Integration, travelers can explore and acquire destination-specific eSIMs directly on the aggregator's platform, enhancing their connectivity options. With eSIMba, travel aggregators can provide users with convenient access to high-quality eSIM data in 150+ countries and optimize their revenue streams effortlessly.

By incorporating eSIMba, travel aggregators distinguish themselves with a comprehensive, user-friendly approach, fostering customer satisfaction and loyalty in the competitive travel industry.


Gain access to 500+ high quality cellular networks

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